Green Economy

Green Economy

We have worked on green management for over 15 years, long before the concepts of green and circular economy were used in business strategies or public policies. We offer technical support at a strategic level to improve the environmental profile of public and private organizations, and their processes and/or products. 


54457-84Green Management
Processes of environmental systems

35521-84Green Procurement
Purchasing of eco-products 

2471-84Green Marketing
Sustainability communications 

12518-84Green Supply Chain
Integrating sustainability strategy

25089-84Sustainability Reporting
Accountability with international standards


• 3 editions of the Green Economy Festival in Italy

• 9 research studies and surveys on green economy

• 25 Public Action Plans on sustainability issues

• 3 Participatory planning projects for river basin territories

• 10 Sustainability Reports for companies of various sectors

• Dozens of company training courses

• 14 Green Procurement Plans with public authorities

• Operative guides for trade associations


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Our activities

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